Celebrating 100 Years: 1910 - 2010

Since 1910, Brooks Products has been a leader in the Precast Concrete Industry. From the invention of America's first Precast Water Meter Box , Brooks Products has developed hundreds of innovations in the size and configuration of precast enclosures.

Leadership in Development, Technology, and Quality

Brooks led in the development of precast concrete utility enclosures. A strong tradition of initiative design, development, and production methods evolved from that pioneering step. By working closely with our customers, Brooks has developed and manufactured hundreds of innovations in size and configuration of precast concrete enclosures. Customers can enjoy unprecedented peace of mind when working with Brooks. Our experience and technical expertise assure compliance with codes, precise adherence of specifications, and rigid manufacturing guidelines. Our company-wide quality assurance program and rigorous production standards are unprecedented. The result is the quality and consistency always meeting and often exceeding our customer requirements.